LeBron James’ Son, Bronny, Hospitalized After Scary Incident During Basketball Practice

Bronny James


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What Happened?

Hey everyone, some scary news about LeBron James’ son, Bronny. He had a really scary moment during a basketball practice. He actually had a cardiac arrest! That means his heart stopped working for a little bit. But don’t worry, the medical staff was able to help him and take him to the hospital. He’s doing better now and is in stable condition. He’s not in the intensive care unit anymore. Let’s all respect their privacy and send good thoughts to the James family.

Thanking the Medical Staff

LeBron and his wife, Savannah, want to say a big thank you to the doctors and nurses at the University of Southern California (USC) for taking care of Bronny. They did an amazing job and LeBron and Savannah are really grateful for their hard work and dedication to keeping athletes safe.

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What We Know

According to sources, a call was made to 911 at 9:26 AM on Monday from the Galen Center at USC. That’s where the team plays and practices. Bronny was unconscious and an ambulance came to take him to the hospital. The ambulance had its lights and sirens on, which means it was a serious emergency.

Bronny’s Basketball Career

Bronny is a rising star in basketball. He recently committed to playing for the Trojans at USC and he’s expected to make it to the NBA someday, just like his dad. He was even selected as a McDonald’s All-American during his senior year of high school. LeBron has always wanted to play alongside his son in the NBA, so we hope Bronny gets better soon and can continue chasing his dreams.

Bronny James On The Court


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A Friend Who Understands

If Bronny needs someone to talk to about this scary experience, he has a good friend who can relate. Shaquille O’Neal’s son, Shareef, went through a heart issue of his own in 2018 when he was a teenage basketball star. Shareef had to have surgery to fix a problem with his heart. Although we don’t know if Bronny’s situation is similar, it’s nice to know that they can support each other through tough times.

Recent Sightings

Just a couple of weeks ago, Bronny was seen at the ESPY Awards with his family and he looked perfectly fine. He was also spotted hanging out with Shareef in Hollywood at Saweetie’s birthday party. So it’s good to know that he was doing well before this incident.

Stats and Achievements

Before this happened, Bronny was doing great on the basketball court. He was a 4-star recruit and played for Sierra Canyon during his senior year of high school. He averaged 14 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists per game. That’s really impressive!